Tommy Bowe Reveals The Painful Extent Of His Knee Injury And Rehab Schedule


Tommy Bowe has been unlucky in recent years with injuries but none as bad as his most recent injury at this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Bowe had initially hoped to return in time for the Six Nations but the extent of the injury wiped those hopes out. Speaking to The Irish Examiner in Chicago, Bowe revealed he was back working on running and agility on the rugby pitch. He also recounted the extend of the surgery he underwent.

“I had two holes drilled through my fibula and then [holes] drilled through the knee. They had to pull through the ligaments and tie it all up again. It wasn’t ever going to be a quick fix.”

“It’s been 16 weeks since surgery now and realistically I probably still have another month and a half. But I’m a hopeful guy, I’m hoping to be back playing rugby for Ulster before the end of the year, get some games in. I’m hoping to be available for selection for the tour to South Africa. That’s the goal.”

Bowe however feels he is on the right track and believes he has what it takes to overcome this latest setback.

“I’ve been through enough rehabs over the years,” he said. “I kinda know what I need to be doing. I can almost autopilot parts of it.”

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