“The Only Time They Got Involved Was When Johnny Sexton Got In A Fight With An [U20s Player].”


The Ireland senior team have always been known to take on the U20s team in a training match every year as preparation for their respective Six Nations campaigns.

It might sound like a daunting task for a youngster to go toe-to-toe with some seasoned, senior internationals who are often twice their size but the best players relish those chances and use it as an opportunity to potentially get a scalp.

And one youngster, in particular, decided to let the 2018 World Player of the Year, Johnny Sexton, know he was there one year, resulting in the outhalf getting a little pissed off so to speak.

Speaking on this week’s episode of the Up & Under Podcast, Jamie Heaslip recalled the time Joe Schmidt had to run onto the pitch as quick as possible in order to break up a scuffle between Sexton and one of the U20s lads.

“Those Under-20s vs the seniors games – there’s always a bust-up,” Heaslip said.

“And the coaches in fairness, there was a bit of old school about it, so neither the U20s coach or the senior coach would get involved.

“Except for one time, the only time they got involved, was when Johnny Sexton got in a fight with one of the fellas.

“I’ve never seen Joe Schmidt run as fast to break up the fight!”

“To wind Johnny up wasn’t exactly hard, particularly in training!”

Although Simon Zebo saw the incident a bit differently…

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