This Wonderful Gesture From All Blacks Fans Brought An Irish Publican To Tears


Gracious in defeat.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from rugby over the past few weeks, it’s that it an even more amazing sport that we realised. A savages game, played by gentlemen, no other sport can come even close to the respect and commardie that exists within it.

This latest story from an Irish publican, running a bar in Perth proves just that. Following Ireland’s historic win over New Zealand, it’s first after 111 years of trying, these Kiwi fans reacted in the most rugby way possible. Paul North, who runs the popular J.B.O’Reilly popular Irish pub in Perth, was moved to tears by a tribute from these stalwart Kiwi fans.


New Zealand fans laid their All-Blacks flag at his front door with a sign which declared- “Gotta Say – Bloody Brilliant.”

“Their sportsmanship brought tears to my eyes. It was a very touching sporting surrender,” said Paul from Wexford town.

“The match in Chicago could not be shown live because it was played at 4 a.m. local time but the game is being played on a continuous loop in my pub ever since,” he said.

“Our Kiwi customers have been great in their tributes to Ireland and the Australians are over the moon. It’s overwhelming. Ireland is their second favourite team,” he said.

“We’re going to keep the match on loop until Friday. And we’ve got tee-shirts printed with the slogan ‘Green Is The New Black.’

“The players gave us a great win and they did it for the great Axel Foley,” he said.

Moments like this make you damn proud to be a rugby fan. Truly the most remarkable sport in the world, we dare any man or woman to tell us otherwise.

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