Third Tier European Rugby Competition Postponed

The EPCR has decided to postpone the project of a 3rd Tier European Competition for 2014/2015, President Octavian Morariu expressed his regrets.

The EPCR planned to create a competition allowing a real European expansion of the Rugby.


It will not be carried out for the 2014/2015 season,  in spite of the enthusiasm aroused around European rugby.

In agreement with its attributions and with its development assignment of the game on the continent, they are going to continue working on the implementation of a real European competition, from a sustainable financing model for the next season, while defending the best it can the interests of its members, participating clubs and especially players.

Besides, the EPCR has already decided that clubs or franchises which will take part in this 3rd Tier Competition should necessarily evolve in a domestic or cross-border competition. It does not question the participation of Bucuresti Wolves and Tbilisi Caucasians in the play-offs of the Challenge Cup this season.

All these news headlines will be approached by the Executive Committee on September 16th, to make sure we are ready to launch this competition in 2015/2016.


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