There’s A New Rugby Game Coming Out For PS4, Xbox One & PC

Please let it be good.

Gaming fans will be delighted to hear a new rugby game will be released this year to coincide with the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Now before you get your hopes up, no unfortunately it will no be made by industry leader EA Sports, famous for the pure and utter perfection that is Rugby back in the Playstation 2 days.

The game will be made by Bigben and Eko Software, the same guys who created the last few rugby games, including Rugby 18. Now most of you know – they were pretty crap, but apparently they’ve learned their lesson.

They say they’ve been working on this title for nearly two years and have “relied heavily on feedback” from the fans in order to create a more “faithful” game this time around.

“Eko Software has been working for nearly two years on a new rugby game. They’ve relied heavily on the feedback from the Rugby 18 community in order to create a title that is even more faithful to the sport,” a statement read

“The goal is to create a new gold standard in rugby simulations for this year’s World Cup in Japan. Numerous details have been reworked for this new opus: the tactical depth and graphic rendering have been improved, and the AI has been revamped.

“During the development of this new rugby game, the studio has surrounded themselves with experts in order to faithfully reproduce team tactics.”

For the love of god please let this be good. Just make it even playable. We know there’ll prob be a Rugby equivalent to FIFA, but we’re only asking for something we can get a few hours enjoyment from.

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