There’s Been A Huge Development Regarding Rugby’s Residency Rule

CJ Stander 7/2/2016

World Rugby has officially launched the process of reviewing rugby’s controversial three-year residency rule.

Under Regulation 8 of the World Rugby Handbook, players can qualify to play Test rugby for a nation by living in that country for a period of three years.

Many nations in recent years have exploited the law in order to lure player’s into their country with the promise of international test rugby. Notable examples in recent years include Ulster’s Jared Payne and Munster’s CJ Stander who have both become regulars in the Ireland set-up.


However, World Rugby has now made moves to formally review Regulation 8. They have revealed that a working group will be established immediately in order to determine whether the current regulation is fit for purpose.

The move comes after last week’s World Rugby meetings in Argentina.

World Rugby has not indicated any timeframe for the return of a verdict from its new working group.

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