There’s Another Injury Scare In The Irish Rugby Camp


Ask Jurgen Klopp about hamstring injuries.

The dreaded hamstring injury has plagued sport for many years and has hit the Irish rugby camp with flanker Sean O’Brien has training today as a result of problems with his.

The Tullow Tank sat out training today with a tight hamstring but Simon Easterby however has attempted to play down fears of him potentially missing Ireland’s game against Wales this Sunday.

“Sean’s [issue] was just tight, a tight hamstring. There’s nothing unusual there, it’s something that he might have had in the past and other players have these things. You’ve just got to manage him.

“He’s got a down day tomorrow and he doesn’t have to train again until Friday, so we’re pretty comfortable with the amount of work he’s got in in the early part of this week and last week to feel that we could manage his tightness.”

Fingers and toes crossed Irish fans.

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