There’s A New Rugby Game Coming Out & We’ve Got a Release Date, Screenshots & Trailer For You

Another challenger.

The beginning of the year we brought you a review of the latest available rugby game on consoles right now, Rugby 20 – a game that we felt might inject some life into the series.

The gameplay in Rugby 20 is decent, the season mode is fun and the graphics have gotten much better. It’s even got kits and likenesses for the majority of the big club and international teams.

Rucking isn’t too complicated and overall the game plays very smoothly. Set-pieces are a bit all over the shop, but once you get the hang of them it’s all good. Kicks at goal, however, are absolutely awful and will need to be addressed if there’s another instalment.

Overall Rugby 20 is playable – but there’s still some serious work to be done if rugby is ever to have a game similar to FIFA that would capture the world as Pichot campaigned for.

But it now appears we’re going to have another game to test out before the year ends with Rugby Challenge 4 finally getting a release date. The Rugby Challenge series has been decent over the years and has a bit of a following. And the graphics have always been impressive.

The title was originally expected to be released in September 2019 but was delayed for several months and will now come out at the end of this month (July) for “Early Access” on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Whether this delay means it will be better as a result or not though remains to be seen. As soon as we get a copy to test it out we’ll let you know. More details are due soon.

Please let it be good. Anyway here’s the trailer for you to check it out.

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