The Ultimate Barbarians XV

Wales v Barbarians

The Barbarians, or the Baa-Baas are by far one of the most renowned teams in Rugby Union.

They’re mainly known for their attacking, adventurous and skilful Rugby, and of course for going on weeklong benders. There’s no real criteria for a player to be eligible to play for the Baa-Baas, but history has suggested that you have to have some great skills in your locker.

Some legends have been made household names thanks to the Barbarians, and some Barbarians team have gone down in history, but what would the Ultimate Barbarians team look like, from players of every generation?

Wales v Barbarians

The Ultimate Barbarians XV

15. Christian Cullen

7 tries in his first two international matches says it all about Cullen. His line breaks and blistering pace were perfect for any team, especially a Baa-Baas team.

14. Jason Robinson

A man with blistering pace and a killer step, his low centre of gravity made him almost impossible to get near.

13. Brian O’Driscoll

15 years in international rugby and 49 tries makes O’Driscoll one of the greatest to grace the game. His skill and defence were second to none in the professional era.


12. Tim Horan

Horan had ball skills, balance and pace that would fit him perfectly within a Barbarians team. Frightening to think how much better he could have been had he not suffered a bad knee injury early on in his career.

11. Shane Williams

Sidesteps were what Williams specialised in, and with 60 tries in 87 international he didn’t allow his size to hold him back at all.

10. Phil Bennett

His footwork was absolutely ridiculous for a ten, and is a fine example of a Barbarian legend. His performances were mainly assisted by a certain scrum half…

9. Gareth Edwards

The scorer of ‘That Try”, another Barbarians legend who had ridiculous pace. Edwards put the Barbarians in the history books and it would only be right for him to be in the Ultimate Barbarians team.


8. Sergio Parisse

Parisse has carried the Italians almost independently since his debut in 2002. Parisse has incredible skill for a number eight and is undoubtedly one of the greatest players of the professional era.

7. Justin Tipuric

In the modern game not many flankers possess the same skills as Tipuric. A man who’s considered like another centre by the Ospreys, he’s a strong and speedy runner, and with sevens experience he’s a classic footballing flanker. It’s a crime that he’s not a regular starter for Wales.

6. Michael Hooper

A devastating runner just like his fellow flanker, Tipuric, Hooper wouldn’t look out of place at centre. Easily able to spot a gap, Hooper makes line-breaks look easy. His breakthrough to the international scene has been a revelation.

5. John Eales

It’s very difficult for a second row to have Baa-Baa style skills, but with his kicking ability Eales broke the stereotype of second-rows, with 65 test kicks at goal, including a Bledisloe Cup winning penalty

4. Leone Nakarawa

With an Olympic Gold Medal, Nakarawa is certainly an exception at second row. His sevens skills and offloads are not comparable to any other forward in the modern game, which earns his place in this team.

3. Carl Hayman

One of the most mobile tight heads in his day, the All Black scored a fair few great tries and his scrummaging wouldn’t go amiss in a Baa-Baas team.


2. Schalk Brits

Not your most ordinary hooker, Brits has been one of the most threatening runners in a Saracens team that has contained some fast players. Always danger when he has the ball and his offloads are delightful.

1. Gethin Jenkins
Another mobile prop, Jenkins has never been one to shy away from the ball. He could have easily been mistaking for a back when he scored his try against Namibia in 2011.

A very light pack that could possibly struggle up front but in attack the opportunities are endless, it would take a lot of doing to beat a team like this!

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