The Six Nations Will Have A Huge Added Incentive This Year


The Six Nations trophy isn’t the only thing up for grabs.

The 2017 Six Nations will have a huge added incentive this year for all the sides competing as it will be the final opportunity for them to improve on their World Rankings before the draw is made for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in May.

England and Ireland are currently in the top four and if they manage to stay there, will be guaranteed top seeding. Wales, Scotland & France are currently in 5th, 7th and 8th respectively with not a whole lot separating them.


The draw for the 2015 Rugby World Cup was made three years before the tournament, with the draw for 2019 originally set for last year, only to be moved. While it has been moved closer, many people are still hugely critical of the format and reckon it should be picked even closer to the tournament.

World Rugby boss Brett Gosper says it is to help phase RWC 2019 ticketing versus Tokyo Olympis 2020 ticketing.

What do you think? Should the draw take place closer to the tournament?

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