The Six Nations Bonus-Point System May Not Be Around For Long


Don’t get too used to the new Six Nations bonus-point system as it may not be around for long.

Six Nations chief executive John Feehan has revealed that the new bonus-point system that comes into place this year is ‘inherently unfair’ and could be scrapped after just one season depending on what happens in the 2017 campaign.

It was announced back in November that the Six Nations was to adopt the same bonus point system that is in place in the Champions Cup, with an additional point awarded for scoring four tries and/or for losing by seven points or less.


However, some argued that the nature of the tournament, with three home games and two aways game or vice versa, the new system could put some sides at a disadvantage.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Feehan revealed that bonus points could be dropped after just one season if the Six Nations council decides that the system is detrimental to the tournament.

“I haven’t changed my view, it is inherently unfair,” Feehan said.

“What we did was look at the balance. Is it more important to given an encouragement to teams to try and run the ball or is it more important that we attribute more importance to the level of unfairness?

“We are not saying we are right in introducing bonus points. It remains to be seen. It could go the wrong way too. It could be that home teams start to win repeatedly. What you are looking for is a level of uncertainty.

“It will be reviewed every year. If we get a significantly bad result out of it this year it will be changed next year but I can’t see that happening.

What do you think? Can a the bonus-point system work in the Six Nations?

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