The Reaction To Our Petition For An EA Rugby Game Has Been Incredible

The people have spoken.

It’s been almost 10 years since EA last brought us a rugby game. Less than 24 hours ago we decided we had enough and felt it was time we tried to do something about it. The reaction we have received has been nothing short of incredible.

For years now we’ve been crying out for a decent rugby game, but to no avail. Plenty of companies have tried, but all have them have failed. EA’s Rugby 08 however, was simply glorious. Hours, upon hours of addictive gameplay whether you were playing one of the lads, or working your way up the World League with your club.

In order to try and get this show on the road we created an online petition and started pushing content out all day through our social channels like crazy.

At the time of writing the petition has been signed over 5,000 times. On social we have literally received 10’s of thousands of retweets, shares, likes, comments, you name it.

The rugby world has even gotten behind us with the likes of Simon Zebo and Nigel Owens backing us on social media. 2008 was a long time ago and the world of rugby was a completely different place. It’s exponential growth over the last few years surely warrants another crack off the franchise by EA?

We opened a line of contact with EA earlier this week, so keep the signatures, likes, shares, retweets and everything else coming as we plan on bringing it to them all wrapped up in a nice little bundle. Hopefully it might help them see the light and give us what we’ve been gasping for!

Sign our petition to get EA to make a new rugby game! Link in bio. 🏉

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There’s a link to our online petition below too. If you haven’t signed it yet, then what the hell are you waiting for? We need all the signatures we can get lads!

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