The One Area Joe Schmidt Doesn’t Get Involved In Before Ireland’s Games

Let the players do the talking.

Ireland boss Joe Schmidt says he doesn’t like to get involved in any team talks before games, but rather lets the players do the talking in the build-up. Schmidt is a meticulous planner, but firing up players is not his forte.

Schmidt instead puts his energy into preparing his team tactically and technically, right down to the finest details.

“I’m not great at it, to be honest,” said Schmidt at Carton House yesterday.
“As a coach you tend to stick with what you think works really well and then leave it to other people to maybe spark a bit of emotion.
“We have got some players who are pretty good at it. When we get off the plane in Cardiff, it is usually player-led then.
“If something needs to be said, it’s usually said by one of the established players. I’d like to think most players feel free to contribute a word or two to help focus the minds.”

No doubt he will be relying on those senior players to get his team rallied up on Friday for their must-win game against Wales.

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