The Length Of The Ban For The Argentinian Prop Who Viciously Kicked His Opponent Has Been Revealed


Pucará Club prop Cipriano Martínez has received a 99-year ban from his own club after a despicable incident in a match last weekend.

Martinez was caught on camera launching a vicious kick to the head of San Aldano second row Juan Masi. Footage of the incident has since circulated across the rugby world, with Pucará moving swiftly to reportedly hand Martinez a club ban of 99 years.

Martinez was red carded immediately during the game, while Masi was thankfully not believed to have been seriously hurt. Martínez’s club responded with an apology to both the injured player and rugby in general, saying:

Pucará Club renounces the anti-sporting conduct which occurred in the match against San Albano. We wish to extend appropriate apologies to the injured player, to the San Albano Club, and to rugby in general. Pucará Club has taken disciplinary measures.

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