The Latest On Johnny Sexton’s Fitness Ahead Of The New Season

Johnny Sexton is hoping to be back in action come October.

The talented playmaker was left battered an bruised after the Lions series, rolling his ankle and fracturing his wrist. But he’s feeling much better and plans on making a return earlier than expected.

‘I’m not too bad,” Sexton told The Independent.
“I hurt my wrist a little bit; it’s been in a splint for a few weeks and a couple of more (to go). I rolled my ankle in the third Test, someone I think landed on it when I got tackled from behind.
“They were just unfortunate bangs but we’re coming into the start of pre-season so those things won’t hold me back too much.
“I’ll get a good block of work under my belt before the start of the season. Last year was obviously a pretty disrupted pre-season, coming back from shoulder surgery.
“I didn’t feel that I got the block of work I needed in the summer so I think this will hopefully stand to me a bit more now and get the work that I need to get in.”

Sexton added that reckons he’ll be back in time for the Munster derby on October 7.

“Hopefully, yeah. It depends on how pre-season goes really. Obviously I would like to be back playing a good bit before Europe to get match-fit and have some form heading into those big games. And there’s Munster before Europe as well.”

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