The Ireland Defeat Has Hit Eddie Jones A Lot Harder Than We Thought

Eddie Jones is still absolutely raging over last month’s defeat to Ireland in Dublin.

Jones’ England team headed into the clash on an 18-game unbeaten streak, looking to overtake the All Blacks record and secure an unprecedented second successive Six Nations Grand Slam title.

However it was not to be as the Irish came out on top, and while England still secured the Six Nations title, the defeat left a mark on Jones’ previously unblemished record as England’s head coach.

“I’ve been filthy for four weeks. I’m probably just getting over it,” Jones told the Express.
“I blame myself. I got the tactics wrong, I got selection wrong and I got the substitutions wrong and I’ll never get that back so I’m still angry with myself.
“There were players who were absolutely outstanding for us early in the tournament who were poor in that game and I should have picked up the signs of that better. I should have made some changes after Scotland. I got a bit complacent after that win. I probably thought things were going better than they were.
“And at half-time I should have brought about five finishers on – or even before half-time. Why I didn’t I still can’t work out. I’ve been really disappointed with myself.”

Next year’s Six Nations sees Ireland travel to Twickenham, with Jones no doubt already plotting his revenge.

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