The Current Bookie’s Favourites to Win The 2023 Rugby World Cup

France 2023.

Are you a big fan of rugby? If the answer is “yes”, then we are 100% sure that you are barely waiting for the World Cup to come. In 2023, some of the best teams on the worldwide rugby scene will get the chance to confirm their quality.

In most cases, you will hear sports analytics that neither of the teams has some big advantage over the others. We have to agree with that because the motivation of each player is on a high level. Miracles are always possible under those circumstances.

However, in reality, the quality of each team really isn’t the same. Online bookies are aware of that and they have already prepared a list of odds. That way, people can get an idea of who has the biggest chance to win the most valuable trophies of all (according to many players).

An overview of online betting options

Before we move to the main point, we are sure that you want to hear more about the betting options. Well, believe it or not, you can place a bet on the winner of this competition even today. They are already out there and you can find them on different online bookies. However, be sure that you have the best odds in front of you. You can find more information on about one of the betting sites where you can place a bet and ensure yourself good betting conditions. Isn’t this an excellent way to wait for the World Cup to start?

However, who has the highest chance to become the world champion? Well, this is the question that deserves a bit longer analysis. Because of that, let’s see what bookies have to say. You may find some useful pieces of advice there!

France: The Biggest Favourite (Odds 2/1)

Not a long time ago, France was the country where one of the most bizarre rugby scenes ever happened. However, that is no longer the only reason why French rugby is a viral topic in the online and offline world. Believe it or not, bookies give France the highest chance of winning the World Cup in 2023.

Their national team has some of the best players in the world such as Gregory Alldritt, Romain Ntamack, Antoine Dupont, etc. The only reason why they may miss this chance is the lack of experience all these players have. For those that do not know, most of them are 25 or younger. But, until next year, they will have enough time to fix the mistakes they made in the past and gain the necessary experience!

The Second Favourite: England! (Odds 6/1)

The rivalry between England and France exists for many years (not just in rugby). It seems that these two national teams have the highest chances of winning the most valuable trophy. Generally speaking, the reason why bookies give high chances to England is Eddie Jones.

His so-called New England Project defines the 2023 World Cup title as the biggest goal of all. But, winning the titles is not the only goal that he has. He wants to transform the British style of rugby playing and make it more open. Logically, that will wake up the interest in this sport of even more people which will positively impact the popularity of rugby within the country.

Ireland: Why Not? (Odds 8/1)

Who says that Ireland does not have the chance to reach the World Cup finals and win the title? At least, that’s something that bookies also say! Our lovely country is in third place with 8/1 odds.

It is hard to say whose name is more significant within the team. Is James Lowe going to make something special next year? Will Garry Ringrose or Josh van der Flier support him? Just like online bookies, we do believe that Ireland has the chance of winning. In the next period, they have the opportunity to fix all the mistakes they have made so far.

Ireland is still under the radar of the rugby community which automatically means the players are not under pressure. Playing, under those circumstances, is better than being a favorite where everyone expects you will win the international trophy, right?

Wales (Odds 25/1)

The fourth place goes to Wales. Indeed, their national team easily went from first place to fifth place. However, we have to admit that they had many injuries. It seems that bookies are also aware of them, and they put them in fourth place on this list. It seems that betting sites believe that Pivac is capable of turning back the quality that Wales’s team has. He truly has a difficult task, especially after we put into consideration that they broke a negative record at Six Nations. They only scored 76 points in total which was impossible to imagine only a couple of years ago.

Final Thought

Currently, these are four teams that have the highest odds to win the Rugby World Cup in 2023. We do not want to say that the list won’t change in the future period. It depends on many factors such as the health of players, the form of each team, etc. Apart from all the teams we highlighted here, we also have to say that Scotland and Italy are also close to the top of this list. Their chances may not be that high according to online bookies. But, we should not underestimate these teams at all. As we said, the motivation and desire of players to win is high which can give us some miracles. Aren’t you excited?

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