The Conor Murray Mind Games Have Started With Scotland


We knew this was coming.

Glasgow’s treatment of Conor Murray in the Champions Cup this month was hugely critiscised, with many people claiming they’ve overstepped their boundaries, and could have potentially seriously injured the nine.

Murray himself came out and said he was ‘properly pissed off’ about the whole ordeal and with the bulk of the Glasgow team playing for Scotland this weekend against Ireland, the mind games have ensued.


Scotland captain Greg Laidlaw was speaking to the press today and told Murray not to expect an armchair ride this weekend.

“Glasgow did everything within the rules of the game. As a 9 you are always going to get teams putting pressure on you,” Laidlaw said today.

“In that game, Glasgow got a a chargedown on him, but they were trying to get the ball back – they weren’t trying to deliberately injure the player.

Will we be putting pressure on him? For sure we will. He’s not going to come to Murrayfield and get an armchair ride.
This weekend’s game is going to be an interesting one.

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