The Best Rugby Games You Can Play On Your Smartphone

Rugby games.

Over the years, rugby has sometimes been something of a poor relation when it comes to gaming. While football has FIFA, motorsport has Gran Turismo and basketball has NBA 2K, it’s always been slim pickings as far as rugby is concerned.

However, that situation has turned something of a corner over recent months, thanks to two influencing factors. 

The first was the World Cup. In the run-up to the event, a veritable feast of three new games were released on various platforms. The second factor, though, is about the platforms themselves.

These days more than 85 per cent of the adult population owns a smartphone. Now that a console or gaming PC is no longer a necessity, everyone is a potential gamer. It means there’s a wider choice than would have been imaginable a decade ago.

Here are three games with a rugby theme that are very different from one another. But each of them is ideal for the casual gamer.

Rugby Nations 19

More than a million downloads speaks for itself – this is the definitive mobile game for rugby fans and the one against which all others are measured. The physics are realistic and the overall difficulty level is about right – hard enough to require practice, but not so difficult that you will give up. 

Passing is tricky – the most effective way to score is generally to hold on to the ball, jinking and dodging your way to glory. Also, the movements of the players can be an annoyance in that even when you are blasting for the touchline, your man seems to be jogging casually. But these are minor quibbles, RN19 is well worth downloading and will keep you entertained for hours.

Rugby Star

The slots sector is one that encompasses every conceivable topic, so you should not be surprised to see a rugby-themed game on offer. It features more than 200 ways to win and a jackpot of 3,000 times the stake. If you have played slot games before, you’ll know what to expect. The ball symbol acts as a scatter and can cause impressive cascades that result in big payouts. 

Being from the Microgaming stable means you’ll find it at most online casino sites. It’s worth checking a comparison site to make use of the no deposit casino Ireland special offers that are often available. That way, you can potentially play without having to lay down any of your own money.

Rugby Manager

Here’s a game that was clearly inspired by the ever-popular Football Manager series, and brings the same precepts to the rugby field. Create your team, train them well and work on your strategy to gradually climb to the top of the table. 

A particularly nice touch with this game is the social gaming aspect, whereby you can take on friends or just other gamers from all across the globe. Rugby Manager takes a 1980s approach to gaming and applies a 2020s twist. The end result is arguably the most compelling mobile rugby game on the market. 

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