The Ben Barba Saga Continues As The NRL Makes Special Request To French Rugby


NRL boss Todd Greenberg says he’d like French rugby to honour Ben Barba’s 12-game ban for a second positive illicit drugs test.

Barba sensationally left rugby league on Thursday after revealing that he had accepted a two-and-a-half year deal worth a reported €700,000 a season with French giants Toulon.

It came after a dramatic 48 hours that included the NRL scuppering what was initially a short-term deal in France, with Barba scheduled to come back to the Sharks at the end of his suspension.


Greenberg ruined those plans by ruling Barba’s ban would only apply once his overseas commitments were over, all but ending any chance of a NRL comeback in 2017.

“Pretty simple: good luck to him. He’s had to make a key decision for his future footballing career and also his family so we wish him well,” Greenberg said.

Asked whether he’d like to see French rugby honour Barba’s ban, Greenberg said:

“I think collaboration between sports is important. Clearly, we have a lot of that already.

“But we’re not talking about minor offences here. We’re talking about some pretty significant issues. So I think sports across the world should be looking at all those things together.”

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