Tadhg Furlong Makes Hilarious Reference To His Size Growing Up


Tadhg Furlong was a guest on Second Captains last night and he didn’t disappoint.

The Leinster and Ireland tighthead has enjoyed a miraculous few weeks, barnstorming his way onto the international stage against the All Blacks and New Zealand. His appearance on the show has been the talk of the internet since, and rightfully so.

The Wexford native discussed how his family couldn’t make trip to see him play in Chicago as the father tends “to have a bit of trouble getting the right fella to look after the cows when he’s gone,” and revealed how the Irish Rugby team has given him a brilliant new nickname, following his now famous clip from the New Zealand clash in Dublin, where he sits down three All Blacks.


On the topic of that clip, he was also asked about a similar video from his days as a young footballer with his local GAA club, Horeswood, down in Wexford. Furlong laughed as he revealed he was only 12 in the video, playing under-14’s making a hilarious reference to his size growing up as a young lad.

“I always struggled with my weight as a young fella, so I had this weird thing where I was always the same weight as my age.” Furlong said

“So you imagine until I was about 19 or 2o, I hit 20 stone when I was 21 and I kind of left that there, because it wasn’t healthy to continue.”

“I was 12 there so you can imagine the communion and confirmation photo’s at home are quite ‘pudgy.’

Listen to the clip here at around the 46 minute mark, it’s brilliant. Here’s the GAA clip in question, with a young Furlong causing havoc at just 12 years of age. What a legend.

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