The Symbiotic Relationship Between Rugby and Gambling

Sports and gambling have long gone hand in hand. From gambling websites acting as sponsors for teams to sports fans placing bets on upcoming matches, for many rugby fans gambling goes forms a key role in their enjoyment of the sport.

The Leicester Tigers are the most recent rugby team to have a live casino website as their sponsor, and the Premiership Rugby League has an official betting sponsor, fully emphasising how intrinsically linked the two hobbies are. According to the Betting and Gambling Council (BGC), the betting industry has provided key financial support to UK sports, many of which have struggled financially this year, including rugby.

The Big Business of Rugby Sponsorship

Rugby sponsorship is a big business, and the largest sponsors of the sport are well-known sportswear brands (which boasts an obvious link to the sport), as well as health and well-being brands. Nutrition-focused companies are a natural fit due to rugby being such a physical sport. Rugby is also known as a sport where both players and fans are big drinkers, so it stands to reason that alcohol firms (with Guinness being the main example) might seek a piece of the rugby sponsorship action. Finally, gambling sponsors are keen to branch out from their traditional pairings with horse racing and football and make their mark in the world of rugby too. When it comes to gambling sponsorships, not only are the brands involved those that offer sports betting but also those that offer slots online and other forms of non-sports-related gambling.

Sports Sponsorships Are Important

The fact is, sports sponsorships are important, and this is just as true in rugby as it is in football, despite football sponsorship generating significantly more revenue. With many sports clubs currently unable to offer tickets to spectators, for some, sponsorship opportunities are the only way they are able to raise revenues for their clubs.

According to BGC Chief Executive chief executive Michael Dugher,

Some sports are living on a knife-edge because of the ongoing ban on spectators, so the funding provided by our members is even more important than usual.”

The Popularity of Match Betting

As in most sports, match betting is the most popular form of rugby gambling. And because rugby is such a high scoring game, it is very rare to witness a draw, which makes it one of the most straightforward sports to enjoy if you’re looking to start match betting too. Rugby betting is a game that has a long and rich history. As with all forms of sports betting, rugby betting relies on both skill and luck, although the more you know the game the easier you will find it to place your bet, and it’s important not to bet more than you can afford to lose because no win is ever guaranteed.

It’s important to remember that ultimately gambling is supposed to be fun and that placing a bet on your favourite team should enhance your enjoyment of the match, rather than detract from it. Gamble wisely, and when the fun stops, stop.

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