Super Computer Predicts All Of This Weekend’s Six Nations Results


Round four.

The lads over at QBE Business Insurance have once again consulted their super computer to predict the results for this weekend’s Six Nations games.

They have used a complex scientific formula by feeding rugby data into a computer to try to predict the outcome from every match in this year’s tournament.

The computer model is used to simulate each of the 15 matches 10,000 times to come up with the most likely final outcome, and it’s got a decent track record so far, coming very close to the actual result on a number of occasions in November.

So far at this year’s Six Nations, it has correctly forecasted the winners for 8 of the 9 games played. The only result it has forecasted incorrectly is the Scotland and England game, with the computer predicting Eddie Jones’ men would win the Calcutta Cup.


Ireland 28 Scotland 16

France 18 England 24

Wales 40 Italy 16

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