“The Sun Will Rise, The Sun Will Set, & Rugby Will Be Back.” – Craig Doyle’s Heartwarming Speech Amid Pandemic

Hang in there.

Uncertainty is the word that comes to mind when we try somehow explain what’s going on with the world right now amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools, colleges, pubs, restaurants and many more are currently closed for the foreseeable future. Sport has come to a complete standstill across the world with every major league suspended until further notice.

People are quarantining themselves at home and to put it frankly – we’re all bloody scared. And we should be. There’s nothing wrong with it.

But as Craig Doyle wonderfully put it last night – we will be back. Not just rugby, but everything. The world will recover. Speaking on a BT Sport special last night discussing the global pandemic and the effect it is having on rugby, Doyle was applauded for this incredible closing address.

“I just want to finish up by saying these are unchartered waters for BT Sport, for Premiership Rugby, for all of you at home, for the entire planet,” Doyle said.

“But the last eight years, bringing you rugby every week, your rugby, has given us so much joy, so much pride. I’d just ask you be patient with us, we’re gonna do our best for and try and bring you as much as we can.

“But let’s be honest – we do not know how any of this going to play out.

“One thing I do know is,  the sun will rise, the sun will set, and rugby will be back again.”

“Until then, all of us, every single one of you, everyone here, we’ve got a fight on our hands. Stay safe, stay strong, stay tight and look after everyone after you.”

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