“It is a long way off, isn’t it? It just feels like so far away, you just sit there thinking, ‘Oh, the Lions’,” admitted Lancaster this week.

“I think everyone as a coach would ultimately want to test themselves at the highest level but I’ve never personally chatted to anyone about it.

“So we’ll see, there have been fantastic coaching teams that have gone in the past, I’m sure they would all be keen to put their hands up again in the future.

“But let’s hope we’re in a position, probably this time next year, where we’re really actively debating who is going on that tour and that it’s going to be a fantastic tour, and everything that we hoped for will happen.

“But equally who is to know how long this (Covid-19 shutdown) is going to go on, it’s just so hard to look too far ahead.

“My mind is very much focused on do what’s right for today to help society get through tomorrow.

“That would be my view on it.”