Stephen Jones Reacts To Leinster’s Surprise Loss With Typical Ridiculous Tweet

Outspoke journalist Stephen Jones has made a bit of name for himself for his nonsensical ramblings.

The Welsh writer decided to take aim at Leinster’s loss last night to Scarlets with a bizarre tweet in relation to bookies offering odds on a Munster vs Leinster final. Anyone that’s familiar with the bookies will know this is common practice.

Odds are created for almost everything and they must be prepared for all eventualities. In fact the bookies were also offering odds on a Scarlets and Ospreys final, it’s perfectly normal and nothing new.

Jones however decided to twist the knife into Leinster by posting this nonsense tweet, stating that the bookie must feel like a bit of a ‘dickhead’ after posting the odds. Somehow we think they feel just fine, considering they were merely doing their job.

If you get a chance, have a look through the full thread on Twitter. Jones really is a bit of a tool.

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