Stephen Jones Has Somehow Outdone Himself With Disgraceful Piece About New Zealand

This is absolutely pathetic.

Outspoken Welsh journalist Stephen Jones has built up a bit of a reputation for himself for being an absolute knob if I’m quite honest and now somehow he’s managed to outdo even himself.

His latest piece in the Sunday Times sees him attack New Zealand and their apparent love/hatred for Britain in a pretty nonsensical piece to stir some shit as usual.

We’re probably just as bad for giving him the airtime he doesn’t deserve, but you need to read this for yourself.

And above all, there is New Zealand’s motivation. It is more than sporting, way more. It’s not so much Ireland that bugs them, even though the Irish crushed them in Chicago. It’s the old country, you see — Britain and especially England.
It’s their problem, their dark secret. They hate the idea of the mother country ever getting one over on them on the field, the rugby field, that is. They are mediocre at most other major sports.
And yet, is there something more going on? Is it all a veil to hide an abiding love? The Kiwis are madder on the royal family than the maddest royalist at home. They are obsessed with England, the English, and what appears in London papers. They recently voted to retain the Union flag on their own flag, bless them. They will be voting to bring the empire back next.

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