Stephen Jones Attacks Ireland & France Over RWC 2023 Response In Typical Fashion

Did we expect any less?

Outspoken Welsh journalist Stephen Jones has slammed both Ireland and France over their reactions to World Rugby’s report into the most suitable nation to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup, that suggested South Africa should host the showpiece event.

French rugby president Bernard Laporte called the review ‘nonsense’, while Ireland wrote letters to both the World Rugby council and CEO Brett Gosper, questioning some of the reports findings in relation to South Africa.

Jones says Ireland and France’s reactions threaten to tear apart World Rugby.

“The increasingly bitter process of appointing a host country for the 2023 World Cup is causing so much ill feeling and even downright abuse behind the scenes that it threatens to tear apart World Rugby,
The almost violent reaction of France and especially Ireland has caused anger behind the scenes and the latest shock is that, under pressure from the Irish government, the UK government has contacted at least two of the three home nations who have votes to discuss their likely intentions.”

Jones says World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont is “disturbed and disappointened” by Ireland and France. For the record, Beaumont has already stated that he “would like to thank the host candidates for their feedback.” Meaning Jones is once again talking nonsense.

“Bill Beaumont, World Rugby’s chamirman and the former chairman of the RFU, is said to be “disturbed and disappointed” by the reactions of France and Ireland, and World Rugby as a whole feel that the reactions have been against the letter and spirit of the whole process.
Ireland caused astonishment last week when their chief executive attacked stadiums in South Africa even though they are on a different level to those offered by Ireland.”

The vote for the 2023 Rugby World Cup host takes place this Monday, with results set to be made public at around noon. You can read Jones in full here.

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