Stephen Ferris Recalls Hilarious Brian O’Driscoll Pole-Dancing Story


This is hilarious.

Another absolutely hilarious story has surfaced on Off The Ball. Over the years some of rugby’s biggest stars have spilt the beans on the show, revealing some of the most intimate and brilliant stories from over the years.

Brian O’Driscoll is a regular on the panel, with Stephen Ferris joining him along with a host of other stars in a special roadshow broadcast at the RDS last night. Ferris recalled a brilliant story of the two while in Hong Kong.


Brian texts me and says, ‘We’re having a few pints, come along and meet us, it’s good fun.’

Ten minutes later, I text him to say, ‘What’s the craic, you all good?’ There’s no reply so myself and Damo (agent) get out of the taxi and we walk in and open the door and Drico’s literally swinging on the chandeliers, and there’s strippers’ poles and he’s swinging around and trying to show me his best moves.


Ferris eventually managed to get BOD into a taxi but his antics continued.

The taxi’s coming rolling down the street, Drico isn’t in the back of it. (The taxi driver) goes, ‘You owe me more money!’ I say, ‘What are you talking about? I gave you 20 quid!’ He says, ‘No, it was 22.

The fella (O’Driscoll) just got out and run away!’

We’re guessing the taxi driver didn’t catch O’Driscoll. Absolutely brilliant from the former Ulster, Lions and Ireland back-row.

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