Stephen Ferris Recalls Brilliant Night Out Story With SOB From RWC 2011


One of the most memorable moments in Irish rugby history. Stephen Ferris carries Will Genia almost back to Ireland on the way to a famous victory over Australia.

What you probably don’t know is Ferris had some fantastic ‘preparations’ a few days earlier with SOB on a night out in Plymouth.

I bump into a lad who is dressed in an all-in-one spandex bodysuit. The green part of the tricolour; his two mates are the white and orange. He lets out a roar and peels back the hood.

‘Jesus hell John, what about ya?’

It is John Kerins, a lad from Cork that I had played with for Ireland Youths.

I catch up with John and his mates and end up chatting with a group of girls, a couple of whom are Americans.

New Plymouth is not the type of place where you can walk out and get a taxi; they are in short supply. When Sean and I go to leave, with the American girls for company, we have no luck getting one.

We have only had a few beers and have our wits about us. We have a massive game against Australia the following week. We eventually flag a taxi and go back to the [hotel].

I send a text to my room-mate. ‘ROG, I’ve got a girl back. Any chance of you fucking off?’

He texts back, ‘No worries mate.’

He gets his bags and moves out of there pretty quickly. He texts Drico: ‘Big man’s got a girl back, any chance I can bunk in with you?’ 

He does the right thing. Next day, I buy him lunch.

Myself and Seanie are back on the mission to ensure we play well against Australia.

The preparations worked!


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