Statisticians Forecast Result Of Every RBS Six Nations 2016 Game


The same computer experts who successfully forecast the outcome of the majority of World Cup matches are back again and this time they reckon they’ve worked out what will happen in the 2016 RBS Six Nations.

The London-based statistical analysts reckon Ireland will start with a win this weekend against Wales and go on to lift the title for an unprecedented three years in a row. The predictions are made as a result of research carried out on behalf of London-based insurers QBE.

The statisticians have used a complex mathematical formula to try to predict the exact score of every match in the 2016 tournament, which is being widely viewed by many as one of the most open for years.

Their World Cup success rate this year was 83 per cent. Amongst the results they forecast back then were:

South Africa 23 Wales 20 (actual score 23-19)

France 33 Italy 14 (actual score 32-10)

Ireland 40 Romania 8 (actual score 44-10)

Scotland 37 USA 12 (actual score 39-6).

Here’s what they have come up with for this year’s RBS 6 Nations


Round one:

France 33 Italy 12

Scotland 13 England 21

Ireland 32 Wales 21

Round two:

France 20 Ireland 22

Wales 26 Scotland 21

Italy 13 England 30

Round three:

Wales 23 France 19

Italy 15 Scotland 30

England 25 Ireland 21

Round four:

Ireland 44 Italy 11

England 26 Wales 20

Scotland 14 France 20

Round five:

Wales 39 Italy 12

Ireland 30 Scotland 19

France 18 England 17

Predicted Final Table:

Ireland 8 pts (+53)

England 8pts (+34)

France 6pts (+28)

Wales 6pts (+19)

Scotland 2pts

Italy 0 pts

We’re off to the bookies anyway LADS…

Source: WalesOnline

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