Stander Makes Hugely Valid Point In Relation To Erasmus’ Imminent Departure Being A Disadvantage

Absolutely spot on.

Rassie Erasmus came out this week and said he will not stand in the way of Munster if they decide to cut his tenure earlier than expected. The South African is set to return home in December, but revealed if a replacement is found before then, he will hand over the reigns early.

Many have suggested that this leaves the Munster set-up at a huge disadvantage. In a time where meticulous preparation is key, having an uncertainty hovering over the players is a massive disadvantage.

CJ Stander recently spoke to Oisin Langan from Off The Ball at the PRO14 launch, and made a hugely valid point. Nobody gave Munster the heads up with Anthony Foley tragically passed away. Nobody told them then would come into work one day, and their head coach would not be there. When Rassie leaves, he’s not just gonna say his goodbyes and that’s that.

“You know I mentioned it earlier, uncertainty is when you walk in on Friday and you see a coach and you don’t seem him on Monday again. That’s uncertainty.” Stander said.
“So you’ll see, and I’m talking about Axel now, you’ll still see Rassie and he’ll still be there and you can give him a call. If a new guy comes in in a months time, or in six months time, or in the next year… He’s not just gonna go, ‘well I’m done cheers boys’. He’s not gonna leave on a certain day.
“So there’s no uncertainty at all. “

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