Sonny Bill Williams Shows His Class Again With Latest Gesture


Sonny Bill Williams was the man of the moment following the Rugby World Cup final after he gifted his winning medal to a young fan who was tackled by security for invading the pitch.

He also offered Rugby World Cup tickets to refugees and famously consoled a dejected Jess Kriel following the All Blacks win over South Africa in the semi-final.

Those gestures however pale in comparison with what he has planned next. It has emerged that Sonny Bill has made a decision to visit children in refugee camps in Lebanon, despite suggestions that he should reconsider considering the substantial security risks that the visit would present.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported the news earlier this morning:

The All Blacks have links with charities including UNICEF and SBW told them he wanted to go to Lebanon as soon as he could. That was after the World Cup.

The logistics and security preparations for this visit have been considerable, especially in light of recent events – the bombing in Beirut threw an issue at those planning the trip – but SBW has not hesitated. According to UNICEF, great efforts have been made to ensure the trip runs smoothly and the UN security team and the UNICEF Lebanon staff have left no detail unchecked when it comes to safety.

The Williams trip is sure to generate significant media interest, but that was never the objective for the dual international. He is doing this to make a small difference in the life of some kids and to understand in some way the hardship they are experiencing.


Sonny Bill Williams is an incredible role model and a great human being. A fantastic advertisement for our wonderful sport.

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