Sonny Bill Williams Jumps To Defence Of Jonah Lomu


Sonny Bill Williams has defended Jonah Lomu following the revelation that the All Black great effectively had no money in the bank when he died.

He shared his concerns on Twitter, saying: “Can’t believe they doing Jonah like this, zero respect for one of the greats.”

Hundreds of people have responded to the tweet, criticising the media’s handling of the story.

Sonny Bill’s comment comes after the announcement of a Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust, which will help provide for Lomu’s young sons, Dhyreille and Brayley.

The trust has been set up by the NZ Players’ Association

Earlier in the week, Kiwi journalist Hilary Barry expressed her concerns about the decision to air All Black great Jonah Lomu’s financial issues in public.

“Sometimes I think it’s best to deal with private problems privately,” she said.
“Why could the NZRFU and Players’ Association not have had a whip around behind closed doors?

“It concerns me that the memory of this great and gentle giant will be tarnished by the negativity this initiative will generate.”

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