“Someone Got Carried Into The Hotel” – The Honey Badger Recalls Infamous Dublin Night Out With Australia

“That was a biggie!”

It’s 2013, the Wallabies are in town ahead of a Test match with Ireland at the weekend and they decide to pop out for a bite to eat and a few beverages on the Tuesday, seeing as they’re off on the Wednesday.

They fill their bellies in one of Jamie Heaslip’s restaurants and what started off as an innocent meal, turns into a session that ends up in Copperface Jacks off all places, a staple of the Dublin nightlife scene.

Anyone that has been there, and most people in Ireland have at some stage in their lives to be fair, will know that Coppers isn’t exactly the kind of place you go to for a “quiet drink” by any means.

The ‘Dublin 6’ as they became known, featuring the likes of Nick “the Honey Badger” Cummins, Adam Ashley Cooper and Liam Gill made front-page news and were suspended for consuming “inappropriate levels of alcohol during the early hours of Wednesday morning” as Rugby Australia put it.

We posted Adam Ashley-Cooper’s side of events this week (embedded below if you missed it) but what about the Honey Badger’s side of the story? As you’ll imagine, it’s far more entertaining.

The ‘Badge’ appeared on an episode of House of Rugby not that long ago and recalled the night out after former Ireland international Sean O’Brien brought it up and asked him to tell the story as only he can.

“One of the originals! That was a biggie actually,” Cummins said.

“We got over there to Ireland, it was gonna be a great old weekend. On the Tuesday we had a hard training session and we had Wednesday off so we thought we’d do a little team bonding, so we ducked out on a Tuesday night team dinner, a couple of problem solvers with the boys, and then all of a sudden…

“We had Wednesday off and we needed to come together, get tight. We did that and all of a sudden we had a couple more and you’re at the pub – things can drag on a little bit and you can have a bit of fun, boys get excited, it happens from time to time!

“Anyway we bloody get back and there was a big drama, someone got carried into the hotel – either way, we had a good night! And we got absolutely roasted!

“Our own establishment bloody just threw us under the bus massively. It would be handled very differently if it was the All Blacks, they’re very good about how they do it. They’ll discipline their lads in-house. They don’t ruin the sport in New Zealand because it’s so well respected.

“The players are respected but they’re also harshly punished – but internally.

“We were thrown under the bus! On the newspapers, there was this front-page article called the ‘Dublin 6’ and our faces were bloody on the bodies of the movie the Hangover, it had all those characters with our faces.

“It was a cracking bloody, I’m gonna go find that, that was a belter!”

Sean O’Brien then put the big question to Cummins, even though we all know the answer already – “did you end up in Copperface Jacks that night?”

“Bloody oath we did! Well, I did!” Cummins laughed.

“Had an absolute blast! That’s a good spot eh!

“We put a record score (on Ireland) that weekend so the bloody team bonding worked!

We did our best to find that Hangover picture but no luck. If anyone finds it, let us know!

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