SIx Nations Vs Super Rugby Stats From Opening 9 Games


When southerners New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and South Africa sealed all four slots in the World Cup semifinals, rugby fans thought that might switch a light on in the northern hemisphere.

There was a huge call for running rugby and a more expansive game plan from the northern nations. After watching the first three rounds of the Six Nations it’s become rather apparent that things aren’t going to change and those calls will remain unanswered.

In the opening three rounds of the Six Nations this season the outhalves have offloaded once. In one round of Super Rugby the outhalves offloaded the ball 11 times.  They chose to run or pass 80.9 per cent of the time, compared to 67 per cent in the Six Nations.


Up north, there has been an average of nearly 64 kicks a game while down south the boot went to ball 38 times on average, less than once every two minutes.


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