Six Nations Organisers Forced Into Hugely Embarrassing Sponsorship U-Turn

Crawling back.

Six Nations organisers have been forced into an embarrassing sponsorship u-turn with Royal Bank of Scotland, after failing to attract anyone else. RBS have sponsored the competition since 2003, but ended their association at the end of this year’s tournament.

Six Nations chief executive John Feehan was confident they would be able to secure a six-year, £100 million deal, but have been frustrated in their efforts to secure a new sponsor. The Times, are reporting that turned down a £15 million-a-year offer from RBS to continue sponsoring the tournament.

After failing to secure the £16 million+ a year deal they were after, they went back to RBS to see if the offer still stood. Unsurprisingly it didn’t, with RBS offering a paltry £9 million-a-year instead. That deal has since been reportedly renegotiated to £11 million-a-season.

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