Six Nations Chiefs Respond To Wales Request To Close Roof At Principality Stadium


Six Nations bosses have turned down Wales’s request to close the Principality Stadium roof matches during the championship.

Wales boss Rob Howley put in a formal request to close the roof for their home games against England and Ireland this year, citing better playing conditions for the new bonus-points system set to come into the tournament for 2017.

Usually it is up to the two teams to decide before the game, with both nations having to agree for the roof to be closed. Wales wanted to overrule this and went straight to Six Nations chiefs for a decision.


It’s been confirmed however that they will not be permitted to do so and it will continue to be decided on a match-by-match basis.


“I was told yesterday that is the roof will continue to be decided upon on a match-by-match basis,” said Howley.

“That’s not going to change.

“We wanted it closed because of the atmosphere and also (to help with) controlling the conditions.

“But that’s not the case and we understand and respect that decision.”

It’s now a discussion on the week of a game, which has always happened,”

The ground in Cardiff is the only one in the tournament that has a retractable cover.

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