Simon Zebo Reveals He Won’t Finish His Career With Munster

Munster and Ireland winger Simon Zebo has revealed he would like to finish his career in France.

It’s common knowledge at this stage that Simon Zebo has ties in France through his Martinique-born French athlete father, so an eventual move to France probably won’t surprise many people.

The talented back however has stressed that he’s really happy with Munster and Ireland right now, and a move could be a long way away.

“Ah yeah, at some stage I will definitely, (go to France). It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. I’ll play Pro D2 if I have to. I have a lot of French family over in France. I love the lifestyle over there and playing rugby over there at some point in my life would be something I would like to experience.” Zebo said.
“It’s not many jobs (that) you get the opportunity to change to a different country.
“But, at the moment, I’m very happy playing with Munster and Ireland. We have a big challenge ahead of ourselves with these French boys.”

Ireland take on France this weekend, with Zebo’s fluency in their language definitely a tool in his arsenal that could be of use this weekend.

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