Simon Zebo On That Famous Lions Forfeit & If He’d Ever Call Rassie Erasmus

Who remembers this?

Simon Zebo was part of one of the most famous Lions forfeits in history back in 2013. The Munster and Ireland winger was forced to call his then provincial coach Rob Penney as put forward a case as to why he thinks he should be club captain next season.

The fine came about when Conor Murray called him out after Zebo brilliantly told the Irish scrumhalf during a midweek game, that the clock was at eighty and he should kick it out, when there was in fact thirty seconds left to play!

Zebo was speaking at Life Style’s #MunsterRising event yesterday and was asked if he calls Penney often since his departure from the club and his response was brilliant.

“No not since my last incident of calling him!’

He was then asked if he would give Rassie Erasmus a shout for the captaincy this summer should a similar situation arise…

“That’s one man I would not call! I’d do any forfeit you want, I would not call him! No way!”
“He’ll fly over and kill me!”

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