Simon Zebo Makes A Decision On His Future With His Racing 92 Contract Set To Expire


Former Munster fullback Simon Zebo is set to extend his deal with French giants Racing 92 with his current contract set to expire at the end of the season.

Zebo has a clause in his contract that allows him to extend his stay in the Top 14 and according to the Independent, the Corkman will activate that clause with both parties keen for him to stay.

Speaking on Off The Ball, Zebo confirmed that he has the option to stay with Racing for another season, but didn’t reveal much more, although the report is confident he will stay.

“I signed a two-plus-one (contract), so I have the third year as well, potentially, so we will have to see,” Zebo said.

Zebo also added that the only other club he would likely sign for is Munster, despite the fact that he has been linked with a move to the MLR with Rugby United New York.

“It is very exciting at the moment in Racing and I am really happy to be here, but obviously I do miss home and I will never not have a love for Munster,” Zebo added.

“They are probably the one club that I would go back to.

“Going back to play in Thomond Park would be special. It would be incredible to go back. I would really love to do it, but sometimes you don’t get dealt those cards.

“I genuinely love life in Paris. I could not be happier day-to-day and my family do too. There would be a lot going into that decision.

“The World Cup (2023) is there but I would probably be too old so that wouldn’t hold much weight. It’ll be either home or Paris.”

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