Simon Zebo & Joey Barton Share Brilliant Back & Forth On Twitter


This is absolute quality.

Simon Zebo and Joey Barton shared a brilliant back and forth exchange on Twitter tonight that has everybody in tears laughing. The light-hearted exchange started when Simon Zebo shared a funny clip picked up by the Sky cameras of him putting in a two-footed challenge during a playful training ground game.

Zebo captioned the clip “channeling my inner @Joey7Barton at training today, set the tone,” and Barton hilariously replied telling Zebo he has some good technique, but unfortunately failed as he didn’t get the ball or man.

Simon Zebo 26/10/2015

The Munster winger then offered his services if Burnley fancied signing him during the transfer window, with Barton letting him know a tricky winger like himself could fetch up to 50 million!

Check it out below. Excellent banter.

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