Simon Zebo Explains What His Dance Was All About After His Try Against Leicester

Moves like Zebo.

Simon Zebo has always been known as a colourful character, and it reflects in the way he plays his rugby. Always smiling, always laughing, it adds an air of confidence and magic to his game and makes him that little bit more special.

He’s one of the best players around to follow on social media, and those of you that do follow him will understand exactly why he broke out into dance moves after his brilliant try against Leicester on Saturday.

Dance moves are a regular occurrence in the Zebo household with his son and daughter, and the Munster winger said he promised his son he would throw out a few moves if he scored on Saturday.

“I kind of lost myself for a few minutes but I was just enjoying it. I was dancing with my kids all week so I told my son if I scored a try then I was going to do a dance.”

If you haven’t seen the Zebo’s dance. Have a watch below. Brilliant stuff.

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