Shaun Edwards Comes Back With Ridiculous Excuse For Middle Finger Gesture

Ah Shaun, are we really supposed to believe this?

Shaun Edwards says he was disappointed to have been accused of a rude gesture while celebrating Wales’ Six Nations win over Ireland. The Welsh defence coach insisted he celebrated Jamie Roberts’ winning try in the 22-9 win over Ireland on Friday night by punching the air, and not by raising a middle-finger salute.

Edwards was asked about the social media reaction to his ‘hand signal’ at a press conference today and replied:

“I was very disappointed at that. I couldn’t believe why so many people looked at that.
“There was nothing in that whatsoever. It was just a harmless hand gesture.
“I was throwing a punch in the air and people are talking about that rather than an incredible defensive performance where Ireland were kept try-less for the first time for four years.
“I’m a child of the 1990s and if you are going to say something rude you stick two fingers up and not one. It’s true though, Agincourt, two fingers isn’t it?”

We know exactly who that ‘punch’ was aimed at, and it wasn’t Ireland.

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