Shane Williams Tells Brilliant Story Of How He Won Dad £50k With Famous Try

Not a bad day for the Williams family.

Shane Williams has recalled the day he won the Grand Slam, became Wales’ all-time top try-scorer, and bagged his dad a whopping £50,000.

To this day Williams doesn’t know how much his dad bet on him, but it is believed he wagered £25 on the winger becoming Wales’ record try scorer when he was just a young boy.

Williams revealed all about the memorable day during an appearance on the Clubhouse on TV3 recalling how he scored in Wales’ 29-12 win over France at the then Millenium Stadium back in 2008.

“That try against France to win the Grand Slam was a special day,” he said.
“That put me on top of the Welsh try-scoring record above Gareth Thomas and my father won £50,000 with that try as well.
“It was a big day for the Williams family. The bet was put on when I was a kid and I knew nothing about it. To this day I don’t know how much he put on.”
“After winning the £50,000 I haven’t seen him since. I’m sure he’s in Malibu somewhere enjoying himself!”

The former World Player of the Year also revealed he didn’t find out about the bet until about an hour before the game.

“As we were on the team bus on the way to the stadium, my phone goes and it’s my father.
“He says, ‘hope you have a good game today, enjoy yourself, express yourself and if you score I win £50,000’.
“That was a little bit of pressure on you wasn’t it?
“I just remember feeling so relaxed going to the game and then walking to the changing room shaking like God knows what.”
“I didn’t know the bet was on until an hour or so before kick-off.

Brilliant story from the Welsh wizard.

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