Sean O’Brien Has His Say On Italy’s Ruck Tactics Against England

Ireland back-row Sean O’Brien has applauded Italy for their efforts against England.

The Leinster star has praised Conor O’Shea and his coaching staff for their ‘smart and clever’ tactical approach

England dealt with it in the end but in fairness to the Italians they were very clever and smart in the way they went about their game plan,” the flanker said.
“So you have to hand it to hand it to them too, but you have to adapt to those situations if they arise and it took England a little bit to do that.
“They caught them on the hop probably. There is a free-flow effect on it because the Italians weren’t putting anyone into the breakdown. Once they got a bit of momentum the Italians were hopping (up) off the ground, they got excited and were in the game straight away.
“That’s what kept them in it until halftime. England did the job in the end.”

O’Brien was also asked would Ireland have been able to deal with those tactics has Italy used them in Rome a couple of weeks ago:

“Yeah, absolutely. Up the jumpers stuff.
“I certainly would have known the rules around it anyway, once you’re prepared properly for situations like that then it can work in your favour too.
You have to be on your toes in situations like that and get everyone on the same page quickly.”

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