Scottish Rugby Express Their Disgust After Eddie Jones Abused By Fans


Scottish Rugby have released a statement expressing their disgust, after England head coach Eddie Jones was the subject of some vile abuse following their Six Nations encounter on Saturday.

Jones says he no longer feels safe on public transport after being abused by Scottish fans while posing for a selfie.

After arriving in Manchester from Edniburgh and posing for a photo, the atmosphere then turned sour when a group of Scottish fans approached Jones and began verbally abusing him and physically intimidating him.

The Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) say they are “appalled” by the “disgusting” behaviour.

“Scottish Rugby is appalled by the verbal abuse suffered by Eddie Jones. The disgusting behaviour of those involved does not represent the values of our sport or its fans. The dignity Eddie and the England team showed on Saturday is in stark contrast to this ugly incident.”

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