Scotland’s Interesting Training Method To Prepare For Ireland In The Six Nations


Scotland’s Six Nations preparations will include an emergency plan for going a man down following World Rugby’s introduction of stricter sanctions on dangerous tackles.

The governing body has introduced tougher rules on collisions which impact the head and upper body, resulting in a massive increase in players been given their marching orders.

Scotland defence coach Matt Taylor however, insists his side will not be as badly affected as other teams because they tackle fairly. Scotland face Ireland in the opening round but is seems they’re preparing for all outcomes regardless.


Taylor has started preparing the Scots for the possibility they may end up with 14 men at some point when they kick off their campaign against Joe Schmidt’s men on February 4.

“We had a referee come in and make a presentation today on the new law, on what is acceptable.

“We are generally a low-tackling team so that should help us. But we’ve got to be really accurate with our tackling, because sometimes the way the game is, people are falling, you come in at the wrong angle, you hit them and you could be in trouble.

“We have prepared for playing with 14 men. We have a plan in place for how we’ll defend when we’re a man down. We are prepared for it and will put it on the training park.”

Interesting move by the Scots and not a bad idea!

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