Scotland & Wales Have Introduced Some Odd Training Exercises To Prepare For The World Cup In Japan


Scotland and Wales have introduced some odd training techniques to help them deal with the slippery conditions in Japan for the Rugby World Cup.

Temperatures continue to rise in Japan, with humidity set to be a huge problem at the tournament. Most nations have prepared for the fitness requirements that will be needed with warm weather training camps, but Scotland and Wales have now taken things to a whole new level.

Scotland, who take on Ireland this weekend, have been training with balls soaked in shampoo and conditioner ahead of their World Cup opener, while Wales have been training with balls covered in baby oil to combat Rugby World Cup humidity.

Scotland assistant coach Mike Blair believes the unique tactics could help the team not only deal with the weather but also rising temperatures.

“We had the shampoo and conditioner out over the ball when we were back in Edinburgh,” said Blair.

“Since coming here to Nagasaki it’s mainly just been water because the sweat is more of an issue.

“The sweat is difficult to deal with. The conditions here in Nagasaki have been tough with the heat.”

Wales have been training in temperatures of more than 30 degrees in recent days ahead of Monday’s opening match against Georgia.

“We’ve been using wet balls and been using baby oil on them as well,” Gatland said.

“We’ve taped them up as well, and we’ve already been through that process in the [training] camps we had.”

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