Scotland Lock Recalls Hilariously Embarrassing Story From 2010 Win Over Ireland


This is brilliant.

It’s not often the Scots beat Ireland, especially in Dublin, but when they do you can be sure the players go out and enjoy the aftermath. Jim Hamilton was part of the side that famously upset the Irish in 2010 and recalled a brilliant series of events following the game in his Scotsman column today.

It seems Hamilton and crew were celebrating in a Dublin nightclub and made friends with a ‘bunch of bearded hipsters.’ The lads ended up sharing drinks, enjoying the celebrations, with a number of fans coming over for photos’s and autographs.


Hamilton apologised for the distraction, but ended up making a right arse of himself!

Wins for me against Ireland were rare but I enjoyed three. Once in a World Cup warm-up and again in 2013 at Murrayfield. But the 2010 win in Dublin, which was a little unexpected, stands out. Not just the enormity of the victory but the after-match events. We were celebrating in a Dublin nightclub. Me and Allan “Chunk” Jacobsen befriended a bunch of bearded hipsters in the VIP lounge who were sharing free drinks and seemed like cool guys.

All through the night people were coming over to ask for autographs and take photos. I actually apologised to the lads and told them we had just beaten the Irish and this was part of being a rugby player. As the guys departed the club there were huge scenes, cameras flashing, girls screaming. A security guard told me my new pals were the world-famous band, Mumford & Sons. Everyone who was coming over was wanting to meet them, not me. How embarrassing!

Absolutely brilliant! Will Scotland be celebrating this weekend? Only time will tell.

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